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Graines à semer | Seed packets

Seed packets | Funerals | Monarch

You want an original and eco-responsible gift to celebrate an event?

We offer personalized seed packets favors.

Each packet allows you to flower a corner of the garden or 1 to 2 pots depending on the size.


🌸 Choice of seeds

Morning glory | Calendula | Forget-me-not | Wildflowers.


♻️ 100% recycled paper

Packet size: 4x4 inches | Approximately 10x10 cm.

The packets containing the seeds are sealed.


🖥 Graphics

You can customize the texts and thus adapt the visual to your event:

Wedding | Birth | Funeral | Birthday | Baptism | Corporate | Other

  • The basic design (drawings, colors, etc.) cannot be modified.
  • You can change the font using the table provided in the photos (2 fonts maximum).
  • On the back, printed on the flap, is the variety of seeds as well as an internet link containing instructions for sowing. You can add a personalized message.


📌 Minimum quantity required: 20 packets.

📌 For orders over 500 packets, please contact us.


Resale prohibited

  • Functioning

    🖋 Functioning

    • Choose the seed variety.
    • Fill in your information in the section provided.
    • If you want to change the typography, add your choice, referring to the table among the photos.
    • Choose the number of packets desired (minimum quantity: 20 packets).
    • For orders over 500 packets, please contact us.
    • When the purchase is made, a visual will be sent to you by email within 12 to 24 hours (working days).
    • No printing before your final approval.
  • Processing time and shipping

    ⌛️ Processing time
    3 to 5 working days, once the final visual has been approved + the postal delivery time.

    Orders over 200 sachets may take between 5 and 7 business days, depending on quantity ordered.


    Your order is urgent?
    Contact us and we'll see what can be done.

    📫 Shipping
    The sachets are carefully packaged and shipped in a protected box or envelope.

    Expedited parcel with tracking no:
    - 2-3 working days within Quebec.
    - 3-6 business days outside Quebec.

  • Provenance of the seeds

    All seeds come from certified growers across Canada.

    Certificate of good agricultural practices, certificate of non transgenic seeds, certificate of organic conformity.

    Important: Successful flowering can be influenced by many factors (weather, soil quality, sunlight, treatment, etc). Please inform yourself about how to sow the seeds.

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