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Sachets de graines et cartes à semer


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“Gifts that bloom, it's such a nice touch! »
Cartes à semer | Cartes à planter


We believe that small details can create big events. Whether it's a wedding, a birth, a baptism, a birthday or a bereavement. It is in the little things, the simple gestures that we can transmit beauty.

That's why we offer items made from seed or plantable seed paper. Something to make your love or friendship bloom. An original and eco-responsible gift that will prolong the memory of your event, like a small garden to contemplate. Our products are customizable because it is important that your gestures resemble you, that they convey a message that corresponds to your values. 


We are proud to be a local company located in Quebec.

We work with quality materials and certified growers across Canada.  All our products are handmade with particular attention to the quality of the workmanship. Our seeds or sown papers are renewed every year. These can be kept for 2 years, in a cool place, away from light and humidity. So your gifts can be offered at any season, your guests can sow them the following spring.

Sachets de graines à semer

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