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Cynoglossum amabile

The Chinese forget-me-not is a charming annual forget-me-not that produces an array of tiny, indigo-blue flowers from mid-spring through late summer. It is a bushy, fast-growing plant that reaches 50 cm in height.

Cut the buds containing the seeds once the flowering is finished or let it reseed itself! It grows well in containers and planters and will flower even in partial shade.


Sow directly into the ground in early spring when a light frost is still possible. Otherwise, start indoors 6 to 8 weeks before planting. Seeds will germinate in 5-10 days, especially if kept at the optimum soil temperature of 18-24°C (65-75°F).


Regular, well-drained garden soil with a neutral to slightly acidic pH will do. Weak plants result from rich soil. This species is well adapted to xeriscaping. Remove faded flowers to prevent self-seeding.


Sow the seeds shallowly to 5mm (¼") deep, and thin or space them 20-30cm (8-12″) apart. If starting indoors, keep the seeds in complete darkness until until they germinate, then provide bright light.



A sowing (to sow) | A seedling (to plant)

When you sow seeds you get seedlings.

Sowing is done in small pots indoors (or in a greenhouse outdoors).

Once the plant has grown enough, several weeks later, we are talking about a plant that can be planted in the ground.

to complete its growth.

When and how to sow?

Most of the seeding takes place between February and April, when nature wakes up. Sowing is usually done at this time. 

Sow your seeds in small containers placed indoors (or in a greenhouse outdoors), in the light, with soil always slightly moist. You will then see your plants appear.

When outside temperatures are above 10 degrees at night, you can place your plants directly in the ground.


NOTE: Weather permitting, you can also sow directly in the ground (without sowing indoors), 

however this will delay flowering, since you will not be able to do this step before May-June, depending on the region

and the vagaries of the weather.

Sowing in a pocket:Place several seeds in a hole.

Sowing on the fly:Spread the seeds as evenly as possible over the entire area to be sown.

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